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How to copy a project suite and all the associated projects folders with all its contents?

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How to copy a project suite and all the associated projects folders with all its contents?



After finishing the first automation project version, I am finding issues with the way the files are getting stored.

Some of the files are getting stored in my local folder whereas some are in the network folder (various folder locations).

So it is becoming very hard to find out how to find out the actual locations of all the files and copy it all into one location so as to share with the team members.

Currently I am attempting to do this by manually copying each file by tracking its location from the 'Show in Explorer' option that we get when we right click each file.

Is there a way to do this quickly and also to avoid this problem in future?

Also the folder structure  that I had maintained within the projects is also not getting copied.Looks like if a new person is copying all the files from the project suite, they will still need to create the folder structure again after copying ?Please advise a solution


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This section of documentation may be useful.  I suggest starting with the Managing Projects, Project Suites and Project Items section


The short answer is that the folders you see in the TestComplete UI are not actual Windows folders. They will not automatically line up, even if you name them the same things.


See what you like about the options in the documentation and then let us know if you have more questions.

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