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How to add an IN PARAMETER Type TimeStamps in Stored Procedures calls?

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How to add an IN PARAMETER Type TimeStamps in Stored Procedures calls?

I'm having problems calling a stored procedures from script, the error ocurred exactly when I try to add an in parameter type DBtimestamp.


this is the code:

var SProc;
SProc = ADO.CreateADOStoredProc();
CnnString = ProjectSuite.Variables.connectionString;
SProc.ConnectionString = CnnString;
SProc.ProcedureName = "SPRCOBJ.ASOLINGTER";

// Adding an in parameter:
SProc.Parameters.Items(0).name = "AUVI";
SProc.Parameters.Items(0).DataType = ftFixedChar;
SProc.Parameters.Items(0).Size = 5;
SProc.Parameters.Items(0).Value = "19709";
/* This is the problem */
// Adding an in parameter:
SProc.Parameters.Items(55).name = "TFHVGM";
SProc.Parameters.Items(55).DataType = adDBTime; //The error occurred exactly in this line of code.
//SProc.Parameters.Items(2).Size = 26;
SProc.Parameters.Items(55).Value = "2017-01-05-";
// Running the procedure




Please I need help!!

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What error did you get?  The exact message will help us help you.

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The error message would help, for sure... but question: You are apparently assigning a full date and time to the parameter. Shouldn't you be using adDBTimeStamp instead? I'm not sure if that would cause your error, but it seems odd to be using a time only datatype when you are passing in a full date time

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