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How to Run Test Complete Hand coded Script

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How to Run Test Complete Hand coded Script

Attached Script i have developed through Name mapping i am not getting any option to run the above script please help me out to solve this issue

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Put the cursor inside a function and the "Run" option should become available.


Although, I'm not too sure about your script??? Running it in the state you posted (if that's all there is of it) won't get you very far .....


You are passing in name + PW parameters to the "login" function. But not using them. You're using project variables instead? How are they populated? Or have you hard-coded values into them? Similar with the "BillingInformation" function. Where are the input parameters being populated?


Then you have a bunch of other functions that seem to relate to other "things" you can do.


But you don't have any calls into them? (aka - nothing is running them)


Then it pretty much seems to be entering a bunch of hard-coded data. And selecting a bunch of options based on hard-coded index values (not good!).


And nothing is being checked. Or validated. Or anything really. It's all direct actions on stored controls. Mostly with hard-coded values.


I assume there is more to your script? Or you're just learning? Or both ....

Hi Colin


Thanks for Your Response i have developed the Script in functions and now i want to call those functions in the Script where i can call and now can i call these methods please let me i am very new to Test Complete i am learning through smart Bear


I have observed one thing from my Recording and Hand coding When i convert the Recording Steps into Script i am getting the Run option and Routines also loading with Manual Scenario name


When i am Developing hand coding i am not getting Run option and Routines are also not loading in my script Unit


Please help me out on this issue a great thankful in Advance


Using the user interface, you can only interactively Run script routines which take no arguments.  In the Code Editor, if you put the cursor in the routine and right-click, only the no-argument routines will have the "Run Current Routine" option enabled.  If you right-click on the script file in the Project Workspace, the Run option is presented only if there are suitable routines in the script file.


function NoArgs() { /* suitable */ }
function OneArg(arg) { /* not suitable */ }

@joseph_michaud is quite correct.


I forgot about the arguments part. (I should really get out of the habit of calling them parameters as well!)


But I think you need to do a little more reading and get yourself more familiar with the basics and then ask some more specific questions once you have the basic stuff worked out.


At the moment, this feels a little like a "teach me to script" type thread ...

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What are you doing here -


Sys.Process("C:\Program Files (x86)\Dhanush Infotech\TeleMedicine\TeleMedicineWPF.exe");  



You can't launch your application using provided command. 

Sys.Process just refers to the already running process by its name (not by path to the executable file).


Better to add your app's executable file to the TestedApps and then run like:




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