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How do we pass multiple values for object property under NameMapping


How do we pass multiple values for object property under NameMapping

I have requirment to  map multiple values for single property i.e. say "WPFText" with multiple values say Visa,MAsterCard and American Express.


Can we use pipeline symbol to pass values like "Visa|MasterCard|American Express" which are possible values for object identification

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I would use this with the Or option for each of your values


If you are working in scripts instead of keyword tests, you can build a little keyword test with this and then use Convert to Script to get your actual code.  

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you need to have the object/element you are referring to on screen, then you can right click -edit that object in name mapping - in the bottom left of the new pop up window, you will see conditional mode,

where you can add in boolean operators like OR to say WPFtext = Visa OR WPFtext = Mastercard etc etc.

details in the link below :


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