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How do I initiate a receive email action for outlook

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How do I initiate a receive email action for outlook

I have all the code working for connecting to outlook and checking emails. However I am running into a timing issue where I get the email Inbox count & contents before the email is delivered to the outlook account.


Is there a way to force the receive commend in outlook without using the outlook GUI?

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Support may be able to help you with this.  You can contact them directly with this link:

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I have never done this with automation scripts.  However, in the Outlook GUI you are able to just hit the [F9] key and it will do a Send/Receive of All folders (or this is also a clickable button that triggers the action as well). 


Shot in the dark here, but would it possibly be as simple as using Keys(F9) then a Delay(2000) in the script (assuming the GUI is already open & active)?



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