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How do I determine what is different between two different xlsx versions of the same worksheet?

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How do I determine what is different between two different xlsx versions of the same worksheet?

I apologize in advance if my question seems somewhat vague (if only I could attach a file that would be so much better!) I use TestComplete for regression testing, part of which is .rdl-type reports in our software being exported in the .xls format and compared to a previously saved copy. A newer version of the software will export the file in the .xlsx format, and pretesting this in TestComplete is causing the following issue: The .xlsx file opens just fine using Microsoft Excel, but the following in TestComplete fails to open it: DDT.ExcelDriver(strSourceSpreadsheet, strSheet, True) However, if I open the file with Microsoft Excel and re-save it (making no changes), then the above line of code works just fine. So the next thing I did was to change the .xlsx extension on the before Excel and after Excel versions to .zip, and then tried comparing the two collections of files. The re-saved version is almost twice as big as the original one, has additional files, and all the common files are full of differences. How to I even begin trying to get to the bottom of this? Has anyone experienced something similar? MyAccountAccess Online

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How we begin is with the basic test that you want to do.  You have a baseline .xlsx file and a new .xlsx file, correct?


Have you tried the Excel checkpoint?  Check out that section on this page, and also be aware of the Limitations that are listed right below that.


Let us know if that works for you.

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