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How can you save disc space with Keyword Testing?

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How can you save disc space with Keyword Testing?


It seems that the more keyword tests are created, the more disc space you use unlike scripts which take little or no space at all. I was wondering how we can save on disc space while using Keyword Tests.


I noticed that there are lots of pictures that are saved along with the project and wondered if these pictures are neccessary for the test script run or if they could be removed from the Repository.


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KWTs are nothing more than xml files so the disk usage you are seeing are definitely the pictures. They are not needed for any tests to run and are safe to delete or ignore. There is a setting to turn off automateically creating them.


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Thanks Carson,


Please where can I turn off saving the pictures?

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If they are what I think they are, they are the visualizer screen captures.


Go to Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Visualizer and set to "Off" the options for "Collect Test Visualizer Data during recording" and "Collect Test Visualizer Data during test run". 

You can also, at that screen, mass delete all visualizer screenshots created to date with the button "Delete all visualizer frames".

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Thank you.

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