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How can I verify the text from tooltip from panel object


How can I verify the text from tooltip from panel object

panel object contains the tooltip with text message.

I am able to include the property checkpoint to verify the text but when I try to play back it is failing because of  not having hover over step between.when I try to inset the step to hover over it is capturing as panel and not working.

please refer the screenshots for more details.


I am trying to insert the step to hovermouse on the tool tip:


Aliases.browser.pageDashboardEsignliveByVasco.panel3.panelRcTooltipInner.panelRow.panelColMd12.panelRow.panelColMd6Cansubmit -

operation =hovermouse

Value ?? not able to find the exact co-ordinate values of the tooltip.


please guide me if there is simple way 







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Try using the Point and Fix option in Object Spy to capture the tooltip and post a screenshot of it here.

Earlier screen shots also taken using  Object spy_Point and Fix only. but I have taken again to double check.

Please find them as attachment


That helps but I think there are some more pages of the ObjectSpy results that you can show us.

@techgirlbbIt seems from your application screen ,you need to find the original object which is questionmarkicon/image object.


try to use like 'objicon.alt' or' objicon.title' to get tooltip text message.


To identify the image/icon object try to use objpanel.childcount/objpanel.children.length/objpanel.childnodes.count etc to get total child object from the panel object. or you could  use objpanel.getelementbyclassname("class name of  icon/imag")  or  unique id of icon to get the exact required object.Once yo u found your exact required object try use 'alt' or 'title' property to read tooltip text message.




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