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How To Close All IE Browsers Except ALM

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How To Close All IE Browsers Except ALM

How To Close All IE Browsers Except IE browser in which ALM or QC is  open .? 
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In testcomplete using the object browser, check what is different in each IE opened, maybe the Page url is different or something...

After that just write a script or a bat file that closes every IE except the one with the property you want.
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Its not that easy as you have explained .

Do you have a code that returns the URL of each open IE browser Session ?

Even if we take a count of Open IE browesers ? how will you know the URL of each ?

i dont see any Such property in test complete .
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I was bored so wrote this function for you...

Didn't fully test it or anything so you may modify as needed...enjoy...

function main(){


 JScript example

 this will close all explorer pages that do not contain google or yahoo in their page name




function closeIEPages(myBrowser,exclusionArray){

if (!Sys.WaitBrowser(myBrowser).Exists){



var browserArray = VBArray(Sys.FindAll('Name','*' + myBrowser + '*',1,true)).toArray();

for (var browser = 0;browser < browserArray.length;browser++){

 var objectArray = VBArray(browserArray[browser].FindAll(['Name'],['*Page*'],1,true)).toArray();

 for (var object = 0;object < objectArray.length;object++){

  var excludeTab = false;

  for (var exclusion = 0;exclusion < exclusionArray.length;exclusion++){

   if (objectArray[object].Name.indexOf(exclusionArray[exclusion]) != -1){

    excludeTab = true;




  if (!excludeTab && objectArray[object].Exists){






''-Praise the sun and Give Kudos.''
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@Ryan Moran "I was bored so wrote this function for you...

" AHAHAHAH, epic!

See @
Sumit Kumar, simple as I told you 😉
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The Reson why i say its not simple is : 

1. it has to close tabs if present in the open IE sessions .

2. sometimes when you Already have any broser session is open and then you invoke the tool it recognises it as window object .

3. The code given above is in javascript and i only use vbscript in my project .

4. i have wriiten a nice code in vbscript long back , it works fine in QTP , but when i tried to run it in test complete it dosnt work .

5. I am aware that there is difference in syntax of passing the Description of the object in qtp and test complete and i have changed that too .

6.but still dosn`t work  as  Desstop.childobjects  in qtp gives you all childobject  filter by all IE sessions , but no such method avalioble in tc ...

'==================Original QTP Code==========================


'Function Close_AllBrowser()


'Set oBrowser = Description.Create

'oBrowser("micclass").Value = "Window"

'oBrowser("regexpwndtitle").Value = ".*Internet Explorer.*"


'Set oDialog = Description.Create

'oDialog("micclass").Value = "Dialog"

'oDialog("text").Value = "Internet Explorer"

'oDialog("is owned window").Value = "True"

'oDialog("is child window").Value = "False"



' Set oBrowserList = Desktop.ChildObjects(oBrowser)


' Select Case oBrowserList.count 


' Case 0

'     Case 1

'  If Instr(oBrowserList(0).GetROProperty("text"), "Application Lifecycle Management") = 0 Then

' oBrowserList(0).Close

' wait(1)

' If oBrowserList(0).Dialog(oDialog).Exist(0) then 

' oBrowserList(0).Dialog(oDialog).WinCheckBox("text:=&Always close all tabs", "nativeclass:=Button").Set "ON"

' oBrowserList(0).Dialog(oDialog).WinButton("regexpwndtitle:=Close all &tabs", "text:=Close all &tabs").Click

' End if

'    End if


' Case Else

' For index = 0 to oBrowserList.count-1

'      If Instr(oBrowserList(index).GetROProperty("text"), "Application Lifecycle Management") = 0 Then

' oBrowserList(index).Close

' wait(1)

' If oBrowserList(index).Dialog(oDialog).Exist(0) then 

' oBrowserList(index).Dialog(oDialog).WinCheckBox("text:=&Always close all tabs", "nativeclass:=Button").Set "ON"

' oBrowserList(index).Dialog(oDialog).WinButton("regexpwndtitle:=Close all &tabs", "text:=Close all &tabs").Click

' End if

'      End if

' Next


' End Select


' Set oBrowser =Nothing


' Set oDialog = Nothing 


'End Function


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Anyone has a working code for this in VBscript ?
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Hi Sumit,


Will the following code work for you?

Function Close_AllBrowser


  Dim pages

  pages = Sys.Browser("iexplore").FindAllChildren("ObjectType", "Page", 2)

  For i=0 to UBound(pages)

    If aqString.Find(pages(i).LocationName, "Application Lifecycle Management") = -1 Then


    End If



End Function


The code checks all pages opened in IE and closes all except the one where Application Lifecycle Management is specified in the title.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi Tanya ,

Thanks for your kind help .

yes it is working fine .


I tried using the above said code, but its throwing me error (apologies, new to QTP, still learning stage)


Object requied: 'Sys'


can someone please help me


Thanks in advance

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