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Help: Need to compare the JSON data to a PNG report

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Help: Need to compare the JSON data to a PNG report

Hello, I would like to compare a JSON file to the content of a Report in PNG to verify the content matches the JSON data, if both matches send a pass, if not send fail with the name that did not match. 


Both the JSON file and png file are automatically copied in the same folder (c:\report)


I am not much good at coding so if it can be done using Keyword-driven testing it will be best or if you can provide the code I can modify accordingly.


Can you provide a sample test using my approach?   Many Thanks  !!!!!


JSON File content:

"exportDate": "2020-09-12T08:22:58.610-04:00",
"patientData": "id": "Patient001", "familyName": "Example 2", "givenName": "John Doe",
"birthDate": "07-27-1975T00:00:00",
"gender": "Male",
"ethnicity": "Caucasian\n"


PNG File Attachment:






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You will not be able to get what you need with just Keyword tests.

Exact implementation of what you'd like to get requires optical character recognition (OCR) for the picture file and intelligent match of recognized data to JSON content. For OCR you may consider either old native functionality provided by TestComplete ( or the new one provided via Google API (


Implementation does not seem to be trivial, so maybe you should discuss possible alternatives that are more simple in implementation but covers the same verification.


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Hello Alex,  first of all, thank you for your reply.


Seems like my approach is not reliable, comparing a PNG to a JSON file.


An alternative test can be getting the JSON data out to a spreadsheet and compare it to a known (expected) data in the spreadsheet.  What would be the right approach to accomplishing this?  Can you send me as script an example?

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