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Having trouble activating multiple TestExecute floating licenses


Having trouble activating multiple TestExecute floating licenses

In addition to our TestComplete floating license (with 3 seats) we also have an instance of a floating license for Test Execute on our license manager with 1 seat. We are trying to replace the latter with a recently purchased TestExecute floating license with 2 seats but getting an error message "Another license for the product is already activated on the computer" We have the new key but how do we get it activated? I've attached screen shots of both the error and the existing setup on our license manager. Thanks!

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Does this help: ?


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I forwarded your suggestion to my colleague who is trying to activate our new license. He tells me he tried both deactivating the old license and activating the new one AND uninstalling/reinstalling TestExecute but neither approach worked. If no one has any other suggestions we might need to open a case with SmartBear support to figure this one out. Thanks!

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Hi, I had the same problem with the TestComplete license in the past.

I decided to write to support directly. It works very fast.

If I learn anything more about this I'll certain post about. Thanks!

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