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Grid doesnt refresh / show searched item

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Grid doesnt refresh / show searched item


sorry i am a total beginner in TestComplete and i am not really a developer.


I have a problem with my Desktop-Test.


i am searching for a word and the grid automatically shows the correct item in the window when i begin to type.


When i record this steps everything works fine. But when i run this Test the entered word doesnt refresh the grid in the bottom. So no item can be selected because no item is showed in the grid or the old wrong item is showed.


i added waiting time and more tabs but nothing helped.



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My guess is that your test was recorded using .SetText() to enter the text.

Try to replace .SetText() with .Keys() method and check if it helps.


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thats exactly what i was looking for!

Now it works!

Thank you for the quick supprot! 

Have a nice day!

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