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Got "Incorrect syntax near 'NULLDROP'" when trying to connect to DB

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Got "Incorrect syntax near 'NULLDROP'" when trying to connect to DB

Hi there,


I got error "Incorrect syntax near 'NULLDROP'" when my codes were trying to run DBConnection.Open

I have verified my code works when the query is quick, it only failed because this specific query was taking about 30 secs to return results. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? Thanks in advance!


Set DBConnection = ADO.CreateADOQuery
DBConnection.ConnectionString = xxxxxxxxxxxx
DBConnection.SQL = QueryToRun

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If I remember it right, pure ADO has a property named like Timeout. Try to check if it is provided by the ADO object in TestComplete.

If it is not, double-check with ADO documentation on MS site if my memory is correct and consider to port your code from TestComplete's ADO object to pure native ADO.


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Thank you, Alex!


@whuang does this help?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Thanks for the help. It actually turns out the issue was in my query, my script was fine.

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