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Go to Declaration and Find usages options not working


Go to Declaration and Find usages options not working


I am currently facing two problems inside script editor in TestComplete 14.10,

Problem 1:

Go To Declaration shown disabled in script routine's context-menu when the routines was actually written inside the class

For ex:



class test:

   def method1():

        Log.Message("Hello World")




from unit1 import test

def sampletest():

    test.method1()- right click on 'method1()' and see the option 'Go to Declaration' shown disabled, aslo Ctrl clicks not working


Problem 2:

Find usages not working for methods inside class

consider the same above example,

right click on 'method1()' inside class 'test' in

Click on 'Find Usages' - nothing returns, but that method actually used in 





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While you can use classes in Python in TestComplete, TestComplete is not designed to be a full development IDE of Python.  You are writing Python script, not full Python, so the parsing and inclusion of things is a bit different.  

Technically speaking, you don't need the class at all.  If you pull Method1 out into just a method function without a class and import the method, it will work just the same.

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