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Generating random Test using TC

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Generating random Test using TC

Hi there,


I have a GUI I need to test and was wondering if it's possible to make a script so that I can make randomly generated test in Test Complete with out doing all of the recording myself? Also another thing, when doing manual scripting/testing, is there a way to make a checkpoint outside of using the record functionality.


Thanks for the help,



I'm using TC 14 btw

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To your first question:


What do you mean a "random test"?  do you mean clicking on buttons and entering data into text fields having TestComplete make the decisions of what to do?  If so... then no.  Why?  Because TestComplete doesn't know what the application is supposed to do.  So, it doesn't know what button to push and what the results of pushing that button should be.  It doesn't know whether or not a field is a required field or not... or what data is needed there (a number, a text string, etc).  So... automated testing is something that you actually need to instruct the automation tool as to what to do.  Now, you COULD set up a test to use randomly generated data to fill in the blanks and such on a screen.  That is possible (a search of the help should find this) but anything beyond that... no.


As for your second question:


Yes.... anything you can do while recording is available to be done at design time when you're manually writing script code or generating keyword test logic.  Again, the help topics on creating checkpoints are pretty handy on this.

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