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General disscussion about upgrading projectsuite from TC12 to TC14

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General disscussion about upgrading projectsuite from TC12 to TC14

I am sorry to say that my team and I are quite desperate and disappointed with upgrading our projectsuite from TC12 to TC14. we started with TC since TC8 and we never had such pain by upgrading the project suite like this time. 

after the upgrade we have massive test failures for tests that work very well before with TC12, many codes and actions(keywords, checkpoints, if object statements, etc) need to be deleted and re-created for unknown reasons.

in the end, I am sure we will find the way out and workarounds for test failures, but it's just way too much effort as expected due to our project size..


it would be nice to catch a bit of attention of TestComplete test team πŸ™‚



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You can always contact Support directly at this link


I would install TC14 on another pc or VM (possibly a trial version if it is not possible to use the license key in parallel) and there I converted my project suite to see how this works in the new version. Of course, this may take some time.

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To add to everything been suggested by others, I might note that example(s) of the problem(s) that your team struggled with during the update might help as well...


P.S. I am not saying that problems are not possible, but personally I had no problems with TC12->TC14 transition.


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Thanks everyone for replying to this thread!


Hi @leeasdf9! Were the issues solved? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find support cases raised.

The Community members and Support alike will be glad to help, however, we would require more details about specific issues as Alex mentions. So, feel free to create new threads in the community or reach out to our support engineers following the one question/one issue rule.

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