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Forcing TestComplete to touch an object even if not topmost


Forcing TestComplete to touch an object even if not topmost

Hi there.

I've come accross a problem whilst testing Android toasts. The problem is as follows. For a given screen (activity) if certain information is not entered while navigatiing away from the object, a toast is generated by the application informing the user of required information. Now, I want this to happen since i can then use a region checkpoint to verify that the toast is displayed. 

The problem that i have now is, is that TestComplete does not want to navigate to another control since it seems to think that the activity has been moved to the background (which it isn't).

Is there a way to force TestComplete to touch the control even if it's not topmost?



It might help others to help you if you repeat the description of the problem and provide details about what you have tried and what exactly did not work.


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