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FontColor set by LogAttributes not applied to the text posted by Log.Warning

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FontColor set by LogAttributes not applied to the text posted by Log.Warning

Here is my code:


// Specifies new attributes for warning messages
var attrWarning = Log.CreateNewAttributes();
attrWarning.Bold = true;
attrWarning.FontColor = clRed;


Log.Warning("Warning message should be red", "", pmNormal, attrWarning );


Actual result:

The text in the log is black and bold


I am not sure why red color was not applied. Bold was applied correctly.

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It's a bug.

if you replace 'Warning' with 'Message' it worked perfectly OK

please submit a support case here

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Worked fine for me.... the trick is this... if you have the warning line highlighted, it "selects" the line which gives it a different color scheme.  However, if you click on a different line in the log so you can see the warning, it works fine.  First screenshot below shows the warning line "selected" and it appears to be incorrect.  Second screenshot shows the message line selected which then shows that the warning has the correct font color applied.

Warning line selectedWarning line selectedMessage line selectedMessage line selected

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