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Firefox update check interferes with test


Firefox update check interferes with test

Although I have followed the guidelines specified at I still get a new tab window opening informing me there is a new version of Firefox available.


When I'm running scripts and there has been a new Firefox release, when I click on a button within my web application a new tab opens up showing the attached screenshot.


Obviously this interferes with tests and they can't be run. Does anyone else experience this? Any solutions?

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My firm conviction is that test environment must be in the managed and predictable state. This means that all automatic updates must be turned off there and applied only after this or that update is separately verified and discussed within the project.

Discussion within the project means that everyone within a project knows what and on what environment is going to be changed and confirm that the change is acceptable.

Verification means that you have checked that the planned update does not break existing test code or test code has been adjusted accordingly before the update is populated to all test environments.


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