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Firefox, object spy and Intraweb

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Firefox, object spy and Intraweb



I'm a newbie in web testing,


I can't set up Firefox for making the Object Spy run. Could someone help me ? I followed the documentation...


In a second time I would like to spy Intraweb app. Is it possible ?


Thank you,



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What version of FireFox are you using?  TestComplete version? Check to see if you need to implement the FireFox patches indicated here


As for IntraWeb...  can't say for sure but, if it's a web application, you should at least have access to most of the basic web components available.  Give it a try and, if you have issues, we're obviously glad to help.

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Hi @tristaanogre,


I'm grateful for your help, the patches solved everything (even for the Intraweb) !


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