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Firefox Is Running In MultiProcess Mode .. TestComplete May Work With Firefox Incorrectly......

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Firefox Is Running In MultiProcess Mode .. TestComplete May Work With Firefox Incorrectly......

TestComplete May Work With FireFox Incorrectly.......PNGFireFox_Fix_Browser.Tabs.Remote.AutoStart_1And_2 - Changed_To_False.PNG



I ran a browser-based test (from:, and, I got the error in the 1st screen shot.


Action Taken So Far:

A.) Used Test Complete Help Menu To Change FireFox To Single Process Mode. The Parameters: “browser.tabs.remote.autostart” and “browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2” have been set to “False” – as per instructions from the TestComplete Help File Regarding This Issue.

B.) Re-Recorded The Test. But, The Same Issue Arises.



Let me know what your thoughts are please.







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It would be good to see the actual test that got recorded.  Please take a screenshot of that and post it.  Also, a description of what you're attempting against your web page.

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In addition to that, what are the details of your object recognition hint warning?


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Hi, thank you prompt  messages.

I have attached a copy of the screen shot of the keyword test.


Here is a description of the test steps:

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Type in the URL:

3. Search for "green ghost"

4. Select "green ghost".

5. Move item ("green ghost") into to Basket

6. Apply checkpoint on the cost if the item ($9.00)

7. Delete the item from the basket

8. Go back to the Home Page


9. Close Browser

10. End Test

Please, let me know if you require more information.




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