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FireEvent : Values are not populated when I click on Text Box

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FireEvent : Values are not populated when I click on Text Box



I am facing  a typicall issue that if I enter the value in the text box and manually perform tab  or click outside the textbox then it populates  the other values on the screen 


But when I perform testcomplete normal click outside the text box,it  does not work out. 


I am not sure what needs to be done in this case. 






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So, you click in the text box using the "Click" method on the text box component, correct?


What do you do next?  Because, in order for the "OnExit" event to fire (which is what you are describing) you need to "leave" the component.  So, your next step in your test case should be either a "Keys" method to tab to the next field or a "Click" method to click on a different component.


It would be helpful to see the code/keyword test that you're executing....

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Hello Robert, 


It is just a textbox which I am entering the text, then if you do a manual step it should be tab or click outside that component,so that the other text are populated. 


I did enter the text through testcomplete and then clicked on another text book and also tried with the Keys object for example below are the code tried 


This is text box Entering the text  

Aliases.browser.HomePage.Frame.DisplayForm.ItemNumberTextBox.SetText "262626"


code tried :- Clicking on another text box



another thing tried 




Both the option tried but it did not populate other text on the screen. 


I dont know how to use OnExit event, if you can show me example then I can try and also suggest what other things I try in order to populate the other text. 






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did you try Aliases.browser.HomePage.Frame.DisplayForm.ItemNumberTextBox.Keys"262626"

Insted of SetText? Some times I had experience of SetText not responding.


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Thanks a lot it worked. Excellent

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