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FindAllChildren does not working correctly

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FindAllChildren does not working correctly


I have to test our new Silverlight 5 software, which is an Out-Of-Browser application.

After starting the tool, I'd like to click every tab or register and then I have to found all Buttons within this page.

Here is my simple Testfunction:


function startTest(){

  var slLauncher_Proc = Sys["Process"]("sllauncher");

  var slcontrol = slLauncher_Proc["FindChild"]("ObjectIdentifier","silverlightControlHost", 8, true);

  var pageParentChilds = new Array();


  toolname = "ConfigurationTool Application";

  //get register names

  cPages = definePages["pagesConfig"];


  tool = slLauncher_Proc["FindChild"]("WndCaption",toolname, 5, true);


  register = slcontrol["FindChild"]("ObjectIdentifier", "ExtendedTabControl", 20, true);

  Log["Message"]("Anzahl der Register:" +itemsNumConfig);


  for(i=0; i<itemsNumConfig;i++){

      helper_references.createLogFolder("Register "+i);

      c = i+1;

      pagename = cPages["Page"+(c)]["Items"](1);

      helper_references.createLogFolder("Pagename: "+pagename);

      pageObj = register["FindChild"]("ObjectIdentifier",pagename+"*",100, true);

      pageParentChilds = new Array();      



        pageParent = pageObj["Parent"];

        Log["Message"]("Parent Object of this Page = "+pageParent["Name"]);


        Log["Message"]("pageParent clicked");



        pageParentChilds = pageParent["FindAllChildren"]("ClassName", "Button", 100, true);

        pageParentChilds = (new VBArray(pageParentChilds))["toArray"]();

        Log["Message"]("pageParent childs searched." );


          Log["Message"]("found: " +pageParentChilds["length"]);


          Log["Message"]("found nothing");



        Log["Warning"]("Page not found!");







The object from where the childs have to be searched is always the current tab (for example => ["UIAObject"]("TabItem", 6)).

I dont see any problem in code, normally it should work?! But it always find buttons from only one tab ( the first one or the last one)  and sometimes no buttons. In Object Tree all elements are displayed.

I thought it could be a problem of refreshing or timing. But both I've changed and it has no effect.

So, I have no solution for my problem and hope you can help me!....

Please have also a look to attached picture with the object Tree structure.


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I am despairing with this problem....

It seems to me that my object hasn't the correct elements.

But when I check the name of object by Log message, it is correctly. But even if I search for all objects what ever object it is, not all childs found.

I don't understand this behavior because I also used the method since TestComplete 8.

The onliest difference is that I have another application, Silverlight 5 as Out-Of-Browser.

What is wrong? Should I use another function or anythink other is needed? 
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This article contains requirements for testing out-of-browser Silverlight app. Are all of them met on your side?

Also, to debug what is going wrong, I suggest that you save the current object tree before clicking the button on the tab and examine its structure. This may give you some clue.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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