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Find methond


Find methond

I am tring to use the find method to click on an object. My alias mapping is: Aliases.displayQt.UpgradeDialog.QtObject("QWidget", "", 2).QtObject("LocalNav::CenterButton", "", 1).QtObject("reject_button")


QtObject("reject_button") has a property of Name and a value of  QtObject("reject_button")


I am trying to do something like: 



However, this is not working and it's saying that the object doesn't exsist. How do I use this function?


I got it to work 

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Quite honestly, I would not use the "Name" property to find the object.  I'd use combination of "ObjectType" and "ObjectIdentifier" or perhaps other sets of properties.  The "Name" property is a construct of TestComplete's object tree.

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Hi @4m4d3u5,

It's great to hear that the issue was resolved! Could you please post the cause you've found? I think it may be helpful for someone in the future.




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