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Extended Find

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Extended Find

I discovered the 'Use extended find when possible' option was enabled when we disabled 'Map object names automatically' feature was disabled. We don't want object automatically mapped due to merging issues. We now have nodes with similar objects and differing aliases which is causing all sorts of find object issues. I said all that to ask the question - Is it better to not use 'Extended Find' if you want to explicitly associate objects within the hierrarcy? I'm almost to the point of starting over but the project has thousands of mapped objects. Are most out there using 'extended find'?


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I tend not to use it.


But thats because I prefer to know if ANYTHING changes in an application so I can check with the developers if it's intentional.


I also do all my mapping manually and VERY carefully. (Ditto the Alias map - which should be much smaller, and much more human-readable than the full name map.)


Takes more time up front, but pays off in the long run.

I would absolutely agree with Colin.

I like to use Extended Find option, but just because for my tests the changes in internal structure of the AUT are irrelevant but tests stability across different versions of AUT is of primary importance. Which means: as long as some object (e.g. Save button) can be found within some parent area, we are not interested in its exact location.


And I have my both hands up voting for the mapping done manually and use of Aliases but not Namamapping object in test code with the Aliases tree organized according to the end-user UI experience and AUT logic.

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Thanks for the feedback. I wish I had known about extended find before getting a year under my belt. I'm going to remove the extended find via Notepad ++ and start over. 

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