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Exception Error


Exception Error

I am recording a web test and in the field I type in a keyword and a drop down appears and I select what I want to use.  Every time I try to run back the test I keep getting exception error when I get to this point. The error does not give me much explanation.  Can anyone help me understand why it keeps erroring out?


Example - I type in the field "Smith" and a drop down appears with all the names that start with smith.


can you post screenshots of your test script, test logs, and the details tab.

or better yet, export your test log as mht and attach it to this thread.

Justin Kim

Capture_Test Script.PNG

It does not allow me to attach MHT Files

can you show us the details tab of that specific test step

Justin Kim

Not sure what you mean by detail tab?  Do I double-click on the testing step?

When I create another test with the same steps I get this a lot too --


There was an attempt to perform an action at point (176, 14) which is transparent or out of the window bounds.

Here is the detail Tab from the error log --


Tested object:

Champion Level 3



I type in a keyword and a drop down appears

Does it take some time for this drop-down to appear?

Try to add the Delay operation (say, for 1 or 2 seconds) before clicking in the drop-down. Does this help?



I am recording a web test

For more accurate recording, while recording you actions I would recommend to wait until the proper object's name is reflected in the recording window and only then continue with the action (click, text enter, etc.).


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I tried the delay, and it waits until the drop down is displayed then the screen flickers for about 5 secs and I get an error --


There was an attempt to perform an action at point (69, 😎 which is transparent or out of the window bounds. 14:40:44 Normal   34.63

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