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Excel loop not stopping after finishing the Data

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Excel loop not stopping after finishing the Data

Hi Everyone,


Here I am using Data loop and there I have imported my excel file from my local. 


here I Have 30 rows data excluding Header, my script entered the 30 rows of data and it's trying to enter the data from 31st row(which contains no value or data)

Could someone help me to figure this out. I also gone throught the videos on testcomplete website. there no body used stop function or any other. Just imported the excel file and assign the coloumn data. I also did the same, but it's lopping even after completed with all data.


Thank yo


Hi @vantaku01 


When configuring the data loop there is an option to set the "First row contains column names"


On the next screen you then have the option to run the file from the beginning to the end or alternatively you can run up until record 30 to avoid any unwanted data being processed; 




Please let me know if this helps.

Kind Regards,




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Thank you so much  Shane,


The above solution got worked. But whenever we added new rows of data, it should adapt to the end of data. 


if we use the above steps, we should update the " To Record " every time. Then this wouldn't be an automation. 


If we observe the lectures from smartbear, they haven't used the section "To Record". They always used the function " To the End".


Thank you so much for your response.






Most probably, your Excel file contains blank rows. Search for them and delete.

For example:


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