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Everytime I send an e-mail I have a smart card windows prompt

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Everytime I send an e-mail I have a smart card windows prompt



I recently needed to install a smart card reader for another project.
And now, everytime, I use the sendmail function, I get a windows security prompt saying "connect a smart card".

The only way to use the function to send email now is to have the smart card reader connected, which is very inconvenient. I  use CDO to send mail.
The prompt appears when mMessage.Send() is being processed in this function :

function SendEmail(mFrom, mTo, mSubject, mBody, mAttach) 
var schema, mConfig, mMessage; 

schema = ""; 
mConfig = getActiveXObject("CDO.Configuration"); 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "sendusing", 2); // cdoSendUsingPort 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "smtpserver", ""); 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "smtpserverport", 25); 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "smtpauthenticate", 1); // Authentication mechanism 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "sendusername", ""); 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "sendpassword", "***"); 

mConfig.Fields.$set("Item", schema + "smtpusessl", true); 


mMessage = getActiveXObject("CDO.Message"); 
mMessage.Configuration = mConfig; 
mMessage.From = mFrom; 
mMessage.To = mTo; 
mMessage.Subject = mSubject; 
mMessage.HTMLBody = mBody; 
//mMessage.HTMLBody.Charset = "utf-8"; 

if (mAttach != undefined) 
} else 
mAttach = ""; 


Log.Message("Message to <" + mTo + "> was successfully sent"); 
return true; 

Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

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This is most likely not a problem with your code but with the general environment.  There is probably something involved in the Smart Card reader drivers and software that when an authentication is being performed, the smart card needs to be present.  TestComplete doesn't really do anything deliberate with Smart Cards or anything.

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I don't have the prompt anymore : I had to delete My personal certificates. 


Use certmgr.msc in cmd prompt

Go to Personal/Certificates

And delete those which makes trouble


Hope it will help someone one day



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