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Event Handler - OnStartTest for tag expression

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Event Handler - OnStartTest for tag expression

Event Handler - OnStartTest for tag expression


As per the testcomplete documentation, while running tag-based execution, each functions that are tagged will be considered as a testcase. Hence My expectation was "OnStartTest" event would be triggered for each function that contains the same tag.


But the behaviour is "OnStartTest" is invoked only once (in the beginning of the tag).


Kindly help to understand if I'm missing anything else.



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Hi @muthulakshmi,


As far as I understand, the OnStartTest event occurs once when TestComplete starts a test run.

The documentation says that the event can be fired for each test item. Perhaps, it makes sense to organize your tagged tests into test items. Take a look at Option 1 listed here.




Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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