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Errors on Previously Passed Tests show no text when clicking on the error

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Errors on Previously Passed Tests show no text when clicking on the error


I am new to TestComplete. I am using 7. I have been using this application to test a JavaScript Desktop app and have been having some challenges.

I am just using keyword testing right now, nothing fancy. I am just recording the tests and doing Object and Property Checkpoints. It seems when record a click on the Exit button and open up a popup dialog on the application...a popup dialog asking me if I want to Exit Yes or test starts failing.

If I highlight the failing objects that I have recorded they are recognized with the red box. I put in a breakpoint before any of the checkpoints on the popup, the tests on the main dialog work. Then I include any of the 4 checkpoints I have recorded on the popup dialog when I run the test, and the tests gets 1 error at the end of the test. There is no text in the error either to tell me what failed.

I delete the last checkpoint and then I get the same single error up one line...a line that had previously passed. I delete the next last  checkpoint line again.. and I get the same single empty error. This is on a line that appears to have previously passed. Nothing in the error to tell me what is wrong. Then I delete all of the checkpoints on the popup dialog so that I am back to the checkpoints on the main dialog and now they are failing on the last line. These had previously passed. Again the empty 1 error.

I have not changed any configurations from a new install. I am not doing anything exotic, just record my mouse clicks and adding hte object and property checkpoints to the script.  

There is one person here who has used TC3 and he is pretty mystified as to the problem. We are both hoping it is something simple that we have overlooked.


Nancy K.
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Just a few changes to my post...I have JavaScript on my mind...the app is a Java App, not a JavaScript app and I do have the file:

tcJavaOpenApp.pls in theTestComplete\Bin\Extensions directory for testing Java Apps.

Hi Nancy,

Can you zip the entire project suite directory along with logs and send it to us? We'll check what's wrong with it here.

TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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