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Error in wRowCount & wColunmCount

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Error in wRowCount & wColunmCount


Stil something of a noob here, but lately we have experienced that several of our scripts started failing when working with Microsoft DataGridViews.


We noticed that wRowCount & wColumnCount were througthing the following errors:


Error: Error

An error occurred.

Possible reasons:

  1. The application stopped responding.
  2. The application was compiled incorrectly (see the Open Applications topic in the help system).
  3. An error occurred in TestComplete.


Technical information:

351 0x80020003 (Member not found.)



97 0x80020006 (Unknown name.) dataGridRowsLength


How do we resolved thos errors?


I have attached a few screenshots of the wRowcount and wColumncount as well as one of the Fullpath name.


I will just mention that we have added our Nis.WinForms.Controls.persistentDataGridviewBase to the the Object Mapping.


Hope someone can give us a clue or a way to resolve the issue.


Kind Regards



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have you compiled your application such that test complete can access it internal objects? more info

did you read this ?

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Thank you for the suggestion - yes the application is complied so TestComplete can "sink" its hooks into it and we have checked the installed Extensions support our .Net application.


The scripts we run are inspired by the examples in the support section and we follow the methodes suggested there when we work with datagridviews.


kind regards





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I think better to contact TC suppot team

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@Soren did you ever solve this? I'm experiencing the same issue. I've opened a ticket with support and will post here if a solution is found.

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