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Enter at character (@) using Keys method

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Enter at character (@) using Keys method



In my test script, I open the application MobaXterm then I need to enter a string that contains the at character (@).

I recorded these actions but when I played it again the @ is not entered.

In the support I found these two links:



But they didn't solved my problem.


Any other suggestion? Consider I use the Italian keyboard and normally to enter the at character I need to press the "Alt Gr" key plus "ò" key.





Thanks in advance, 



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See if the native language section in here is helpful

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try use twice @@, (in []) mybe working.


if not working, please share your code!


In the following the code lines


let applications = Sys.Process("explorer").Window("Shell_TrayWnd").Window("ReBarWindow32").Window("MSTaskSwWClass", "Running applications");
applications.Window("MSTaskListWClass", "Running applications").Click();

let formXterm = Sys.Process("MobaXterm").VCLObject("FormXterm");
let panSessions = formXterm.VCLObject("PanGauche").VCLObject("sPanel13").VCLObject("PCGauche").VCLObject("sTabSessions").VCLObject("PanSessions");
panSessions.VCLObject("TreeSessions").DblClickItem("|User sessions| (admin)");


formXterm.VCLObject("sPanel1").Window("TListBox").Keys("ssh admin[@@][Enter]");



The problem is the last line. I tried the single @ and double @ (without [ ] ) but they don't work.


@Andrea_Bonacchi ,


This probably isn't very helpful, but we use Moba Personal Edition V12.4 Build 4248 and the following does work for us


FWIW, we recorded the keyword test and then converted it to a script. That probably doesn't matter but I thought I'd mention it.

Also, we have added Moba as a TestComplete TestedApp. 

Good Luck,




I use German keyboard, for me symbol @ = "ALT GR" + "Q".

Method "Keys" prints "@" for me without additional brackets and other characters.

Check whether you use different languages during testing (keyboard and system, as well as application language). Maybe that's the problem.

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Thanks Community! Great thread!


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