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Downgrading TC version to previous version


Downgrading TC version to previous version

Hi there Community


Please could you advise me if i am able to downgrade my version of TC since i am experiencing alot of issues with the latest version.

If so how do i go about downgrading the version.



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You can get the previous installation version via, the URL, you need to change the version 1480 to the one you need. 


Also, if you're using the latest browser version, downgrading TC probably won't resolve the issue.

Hey @rraghvani 


thanks for the response.


okay so is this to downgrade Test Execute or Test Complete?


i see so i was advised by one of the support guys that thre are known issues in the latest version of test complete which they are working on.My pop up messages dont work and he advised that i can downgrade to the previuos version of Test complete but i cant seem to find how to do so.

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It's not really a "downgrade". You will have to uninstall your current TC and you might have to setup licenses again. That link is for TestExecute, TestComplete will be something like


Note, this process is not supported by SmartBear. It is something I have done in the past



Actually, pretty like it was described by @rraghvani :

-- uninstall current version of TestComplete/TestExecute;

-- do not uninstall the license if prompted;

-- install previous version of TestComplete/TestExecute using installer either obtained from your User Portal or stored previously somewhere locally on your system.


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