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Does the script work if the testcomplete version is different

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Does the script work if the testcomplete version is different

Dear All


If we are developing testcases for desktop application using scripting option in testcomplete 14 version and if we want to run it in testcomplete 12 version, will the testcases run properly or will it have issues in running it?


Thanks in advance.

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The answer is:


It depends.  There are certain changes in objects, features, supported controls, etc., between version of TestComplete.  If you're using something that is only in TestComplete 14, then yes, they will fail.   But generally speaking, code written in 14 can run in 12....

...that is, assuming that you're not trying to develop a project (MDS or PJS) file in 14 and run it in 12... that is not supported.

A rule of thumb... code written in lower numbered versions is fully supported in higher number version.  The reverse is not necessarily true and should be avoided if possible.

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Thanks for your reply.  Actually already test cases are built in 14 and have only testcomplete 12 for execution, then i guess we might have issues. So only option is to update the executing version to 14 then.

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