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Do i have to add NameMapping when i add existing item.

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Do i have to add NameMapping when i add existing item.


I don't understand 2 things.

1.Everytime i create new project, it is creating with only events, script and keyword tests under Advanced folder.

  So everytime create a project i am adding items like Namemapping, Tested Apps and Stores.

  So how can i make it add all these items by default when i create the project everytime. I looked into tools >> options>>General>>Project. MOst of the items show checked under Advanced folder.

How do i make it to add those items by default.

2. When i add existing keyword test to my current project as Exiting item, I had to copy the name mapping of the exisitng keyword tets to the current project. This is how it it is supposed to be or behave?. Else it is not executing in the current project to which i added.

If that is case, what happens if i want to add a test as existing item in the middle or end of the tests in my current project, in that cas i cannot overwrite the name mapping that has been developed so far in my current project.

Please clarify these. that will be great.

Thank you so much.

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So Now This is how i am doing. When i create a project, i am adding Login script and logoout script as existing items to my current project and then adding required tests to that.

So Please suggest.


As for name mapping - of course if you use mappednames in your keyword tests they should be defined in the name mapping of the same project. If you add existing tests from another project, you should also add the existing name mapping with appropriate mapped objects, or if you already have name mapping in this project you can merge it with external one (right click name mapping project item in project explorer, select "merge" and then specify necessary name mapping file), in this way all mapped names of the external name mapping file will be added to your project.

As for default project structure. It should be defined as you described in Tools->Options->General->Project

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Hi Pavel or anybody who looks at it.

I have an issue. I developed 16 scripts for version 1 of my application. They are working consistantly.

In the second version which has been released recently , only 3 of them worked.Now all these scripts has login keyword test as first test in the projects.

The first three scripts worked fine with login and other steps which are similar in the other projects also. Like after logging in clicking on Appications tab on home page and selecting New FAFSA tab to open the application form and navigating to different steps on application to input values in various steps.

My question is if the first three scripts are working fine for both versions with basic login test etc. Then why the other scripts are not working for version 2. Theoritically they should also work.

The only difference i see is in the first 3 scripts i have login script developed individually for each project. But for rest of the projects, i added login and logout tests as existing items from the shared project whic has only login and logout script.

When i added i added name mapping item also to my projects from the exisitng project. But i added these as the first keyword tests and from there i developed rest of the keyword tests in the project.


Then i have added one new step to the shared project logout test, close browser action and saved .

Now when i open the other project suite where there are projects in which i had this login script , it asks me the logout has changed, do you want to reload.

Reload all the elements like test, name mapping etc.

So my question is did it mess up the name mapping of my current projects.

B'se i added this new step after i have completed the current  project.

But they are still working fine in the current version.

So please suggest what should i do to fix this issue and make it work for both versions.

Again as some of the scripts work with soem common functionalities in version 2 , i think other scripts also should work.

As soon as possible please.


You'd better not try to make your test project workable for both versions of application,

but create a separate project, and keep separate projects or suites for each version of your application.

Because there could be changes in tested application (or they will appear sooner or later) that make impossible to keep the same script workable for several versions.

And BTW it would be much more convenient to use version control systems to keep track of all versions of your test scripts.

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