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Display all Test Cases linked to current sprint TM4J

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Display all Test Cases linked to current sprint TM4J

I'm looking for a report or some way to display all the test cases linked to stories in the current sprint only. While we may have 200 test cases in TM4J for the project, for a particular sprint we may only have 20 stories and those 20 stories may only be linked to 50 test cases. I want to create a filter or report that will tell me of the 50 test cases that are linked, 20 have passed, 20 have failed and 10 are remaining to be executed.

I don't think you can produce the report from JIRA as a filter because that doesn't seem to be able to display test cases. In TM4J, there are lots of reports but no way to say, please display the test cases but only those that are linked to stories in the current sprint.


Any ideas?

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Hi @pmerrill,


As I can see, you submitted the same question to our support team and got a response. Let me copy it here in case anyone else comes across this thread with the same question.


You can obtain the needed data by generating the "Traceability > Traceability Report" report. First, you will need to create a filter to get the stories linked to the current sprint and add it to your favorite filters. The filter's JQL should look like this:

issuetype = Story AND Sprint = {required_sprint_id}

Once you have this favorite filter in place, you will be able to select it in the traceability report and obtain the needed data.


Julia Bernikova
SmartBear Customer Care Manager - TestComplete
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