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Different fields with same object name

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Different fields with same object name

Hi all!


Need help with this problem.


I have a box with bunch of fields containing a customer information (web app) that turned out to have same object names.

Is there a way to differentiate these fields even though they are named the same way (same object).


I am trying to set up different checkpoints on the text the fields contain but since they all named the same way my checkpoints do not work.


See screenshots, thanks.

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Am I understanding this right?


What I tried is to toggle Id and Name and enter the values there to check?


I am checking for text in the field. 


I am only able to check one property to check, I get an error message when I try to check 2 or more properties (only allowed 1 property).


I really need to get this to work, please help:)

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No, what I meant was to map the text fields based on their ObjectType and Id or Name properties. See the documentation linked below if you don't know how to use the Name Mapping. Once a field is mapped (it saves you the trouble of having the test search for it everytime you need it) you can just call the Text-property of it in your test and check if it is correct.

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Thanks A lot SunderK!!!

I was able to figure it out just like you advised.

I created new objects for needed fields and mapped them according to their labels.


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