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Device Keys not working properly

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Device Keys not working properly

When adding a text or number field using device keys, then running the test it takes only a part of the inserted text or digit.

Please note that we tried to change the delay time between events in the project settings but nothing worked out.


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Is it always the beginning of inserted data that is mising ? or could be also end of data ?

If it's always the beginning, perhaps the field need to be focused before text insertion is done ?


One base app like Message on your mobile, does the behaviour is the same ? (e.g. find if it's due to your tested app or your test technique ?).



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Actually this is happening at the beginning or end of the inserted text with no rule  ..

I have tried to enable the android agent keyboard then choose the multilingual keyboard emulator and now it's working .

is similar experience with me, but now is working correctly

tangerang,best regards

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