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Developing standards in C# .NET so that its easier to test in TC


Developing standards in C# .NET so that its easier to test in TC


Im going to start testing a new application that the developers have start developing. As a TC user, what are the coding standards that i can ask the developers to incorporate so that testing can be made easier using TC. For example, should i ask them to have a standard and unique name for all WPF controls so that namesmaaping can be easier?


Pls give me advise so that building up a testing environment for this application can be of ease in TC.


Thanks for helping me.


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Hi Sudha,


If you are going for automation.

1. Just develop or create a Test  framework for that application in the name of variables using standard control names.

2. It is the best way to understand by both testers and Developers.


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If they can provide standard and unique names for the controls, that will help out tremendously. It's also good practice to have an open communciation with them, and be informed of any changes to the controls that are coming. 


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Yes, stable and unique object names is something that is of primary importance.

Additionally, you may discuss and establish some naming conventions (or other means provided by .Net) for UI data controls (input fields, comboboxes, checkboxes, grids, tabs, etc.) and their respective labels.

Having this in place will make you able to, for example, search for some label (e.g. 'Customer ID') and enter data into corresponding field. Or find all mandatory combo-boxes on a tab and iterate through them with elegant logging.


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