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Data driven loop round collection of variables

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Data driven loop round collection of variables

I have a test that is made up of 3 parts

  1. Log in
  2. test for the correct user
  3. Log out


Log in passes URL as a parameter, the test works fine.


I now have 2 environments:
Live and test on different URLs - both MUST URLs be stored as separate string vars (liveUrl, testUrl)

Given that both environments share the same credentials,  is there any way to loop these so they share the same test?


a DDT loops using a var (excel sheet, table, DB)


How can I loop round the 2 vars


The only way I can work around this problem is to programmatically populate a table var with these 2 separate values before runtime


Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions on this problem?


the test is not made for a specific environment


The 'main test' part of the test is generic and I am trying to get a drag a drop approach for creating tests for my colleagues

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