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Convert mht file to zip

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Convert mht file to zip

How can I convert a mht file into zip ?


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Search for it on Your local machine disc -> use Packer or custom actions to obtain that file.

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An MHT file is not a compressed file like a ZIP file is.  You can't open it and examine the contents.

What are you hoping to do by making such a conversion?  Perhaps there's abetter way to meet your needs.

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Hi @tristaanogre  @Wamboo 

Thanks for reply... and apologies I have mention wrong subject to query.

Actually I want to compress mht file in zip and want to send report by script.


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Thank you Community!


@kaiiii, could you explain why you need to zip it? You can send the .mht file as far as I understand. 

Please take a look at this article. 

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Hi kaiii,

I have a test which compress and send by mail a mht file.

Here are the few lines I use (delphi script) :


  Log.SaveResultsAs(ReportFolder + 'Report.mht', 2);
  FileList:= slPacker.GetFileListFromFolder(ReportFolder);
  ArchivePath:= ReportFolder + 'ZippedReport';
  if (slPacker.Pack(FileList, ReportFolder, ArchivePath)) then
    Log.Message('File ziped');
  result:= ArchivePath;  
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Thank you m_essaid! This might be the anser kaiiii is looking for.


@kaiiii , does what m_essaid offer work for your case?

Sonya Mihaljova
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