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Configuring Test Item in Execution Plan Editor from Command Line


Configuring Test Item in Execution Plan Editor from Command Line



For Example: Project Items are,

Test Routines: Test1 and Test2

Script             : Unit


In order to execute one of those test routine, first we need to input those test item into Execution plan editor and do testing (Manual Case)


But my requirement is how to Define/ Configure particular test item into Execution plan via command line?

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This is not possible. Test Items in the Execution plan cannot be configured from the command line.

Depending on your needs, you may add a parameter to Test Item, set this parameter to obtain a value from the Project Variable and then specify required value for this Project Variable in the command line.


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Hi @AlexKaras ,


Thanks for the input. I will change accordingly and let you know if it is working.

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Thanks Alex!


@sathashiv5 did this work for you?

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