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Close a pop-up window in Chrome during a test


Close a pop-up window in Chrome during a test


I am running a test and I am getting the security alert pop-up window. 

I am getting this window only on production site and not when recording the test locally. 

I am new to TestComplete and not sure how to close this window during the test. Please help.

I have seen in other threads that we can use If Object, but since I am not getting this popup when recording the test, I cannot drag and drop for the object.


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You could run TC on your production environment to just record a test that will click the button you need.  That will give you the objects and then you can use them in your test however you like.

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We use this to close unexpected windows "Leave This Page?"


The first one is is run as an event handler from event OnWebBeforeNavigate.



function Test_Complete_Test_Run_Events_OnWebBeforeNavigate(Sender, WebBrowser, URL)
        // Check for the presence of the "Leave This Page?" popup

function Close_Leave_Site_popup()
        var Max_Wait_Time_ms = 500;

               // Check for Edge unexpected window...
        if(Aliases.browser.Application_Main_Page.Browser_Leave_Site_popup.Leave_button.WaitProperty("Exists", true, Max_Wait_Time_ms) == true)
                Log.Message("MS Edge: UNEXPECTED WINDOW closed");
        // Check for IE unexpected window...
        if(Aliases.browser_IE.Application_Main_Page.Browser_Confirm_popup.Leave_This_Page_button.WaitProperty("Exists", true, Max_Wait_Time_ms) == true)
                Log.Message("IE: UNEXPECTED WINDOW closed");



And as @AmulyaT  said you can obtain the mapping by recording or spying the window and mapping it manually or using a suitable template.


We also get Java popups which we clear using a simple "close" or  refreshing the page.

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