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Clicking on a button on a browser popup with Microsoft Edge and TestComplete 14.92

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Clicking on a button on a browser popup with Microsoft Edge and TestComplete 14.92



I'm utilizing TestComplete 14.92 for automated regression testing and would like to write code to have it click on a button called "Open" on a browser popup after accessing the internet via Microsoft Edge and going to an install link so I can then install the application and begin writing automated regression tests for that application. Installing the tested application each time instead of just opening it ensures that we are testing the most updated version at all times. TestComplete doesn't seem to want to identify this button on the browser popup (or even the browser popup itself) and when I record a keyword test to see what it does, it just gives me coordinates on the web page to click on. I don't want to hard code these coordinates because at any time, that browser popup could change location/position and then my test will not work. It seems as though it is browser specific so seems to be at a browser level but the popup itself, let alone the "Open" button is not spotted when looking in Object browser under Microsoft Edge inside of TestComplete. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get TestComplete to recognize the browser popup and the "Open" button on that popup?

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Please check and make sure that all these requirements have been met in your environment.

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Thanks for the links, Marsha.


Hi @chelly320! Did the suggestion help?

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