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Chrome Crash how to investigate

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Chrome Crash how to investigate

Chrome is randomly crashing during playing when clicking on a certain type of field in our application. Chrome just completely goes away and when it is reopened it will have a statement about not closing properly and asking if you want to restore the page.There is no type of error when the crash occurs, Chrome just goes poof.


The field I clicked on is techincally a "textnode" but it is sort of a lift of custom combobox items in our application. In my test, I click one field that expose this list of textnodes and then click on the desired item. 


The crash does not occur all the time and not on the same field but it is always the same field type. I am testing on Chrome 79 using TestComplet 14.3


So is this most likely an issue with our application, TestComplete or Chrome? I am not sure where to even begin troublshooting this and I hate to send something to our developers without more details.



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Yes, done that.

If you repeat the test enough times manually, will it crash at the same spot?

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I have not duplicated it manually, only when running through TestComplete.


I have a function that performs all the needed steps for my "custom combobox" in my applications. We have dozens of custom combobox fields and they all funnel through this same code. It is the same line of code in that function that always fails, but it is various different fields. It doesn't fail every time, just randomly. 

This is the code for part of the function. It is the ListItems(i).Click line that causes Chrome to crash.


ListItems = objField.EvaluateXPath("//LI[contains(@class, 'MuiMenuItem-root')]", false)
Found = False
For i = 0 to UBound(ListItems)
    If LCase(ListItems(i).textContent) = LCase(Value) Then
        Found = True
        Exit For
    End If
If Found Then
    fLogFail "fDigiInput error. Item not found. Item: " & Value
    Exit Function
End If



I would recommend to consider Report Generator ( as a monitoring and crash dump creation tool.

Also consider creating Support ticket via the form and ask guys for their recommendations as for setup for Report Generator.


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Thanks Alex, Marsha!

@mfoster711 I see you have contacted support regarding this. Keep the investigation going and please share the results with usSmiley Happy

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