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Chrome Browser tests - Smartbear Test Extension is not Installed or is Diabled

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Chrome Browser tests - Smartbear Test Extension is not Installed or is Diabled

We are running our chrome browser tests every 30 minutes of the Day. We are using testExecute . But some test fail at some random time. Look at the MHT report Showing - SmartBear Test Extension is not Installed or is Disabled.

We already SmartBear test Extension installed/enabled in Chrome browser .

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Thanks everyone!


@nisgupta Looks like you received a couple of suggestions you could try.

Did they help?

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Sorry for the late reply.


If the test failed during the first run , then it is pass on the next run.


Here is more details.


We are running our chrome tests using batch file code and set up the scheduler in Window Task scheduler.- for every 30 minutes  So like we have 12-15 project/project suites running, on testexecute machine. So out of 15 project suites 1 project suite fail at 7:30 PM for e.g. then the same project suite pass in the next run when the window scheduler start at 8:00 PM.




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Recently, I've had similar issues. I was running TestComplete version 14.5 and Chrome 87. 


The Chrome extension was installed and had been working for a while. Then, TestComplete started reporting that the extension was not installed. Chrome still showed that it was installed. My colleagues using the same configuration were not experiencing the issue. 


We were able to fix the issue by upgrading to TestComplete version 14.72 and re-installing the Chrome extension. 


Good luck to you. 

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