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Checkpoint that will recognize when information is incorrect as enterred


Checkpoint that will recognize when information is incorrect as enterred

I have a have a relatively new web-application. This when I generate the checkpoint while the information is correct and it will validate all the way through

the checkpoint itself is incorrect because the data shows that when nothing is selected the system shows that that you can select a update customer

and delete customer. These buttons should be disabled.

Is there away to get the checkpoints to work so that the regions or property checkpoints will recognize this?

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What did you try and what happened when you did that?  Screenshots of the results are very helpful.

I can't give out screen shots because the information on my screen is highly confidential. However, what I can say is the following.

I have buttons on my screen one when I enter a new customer I receive the following in the customer information tab. The overall customer name

I then can select a drop down where I get the following criteria to search from Orgizanation or existing information. which is fine. However, I receive four buttons which are supposed to be there three are supposed to be disabled when the customer is first coming into the system

The buttons are titled: 

Add an Organization, Update Organization and Delete Organization they all work but actually they are not supposed to be enabled.

The Add Organization is supposed to become active when I begin entering customer name.

It sounds like you need to talk to your developers.  TestComplete does not change the state of buttons or anything else.

I figured this was a defect in the website I just was hoping there was away that I could get the product to recognize these kinds of defects automatically. Because this is a new website I am dealing with there is going to be a lot of cosmetic defects that I am just starting to find in setting up my automation. I have another section of the product that is behaving very much like this and that too is a problem.

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