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Cannot Navigate to the app's URL


Cannot Navigate to the app's URL

Hello Dears, 


I have just completed installing the TestComplete and started scripting some publiec sites and it worked fine . However when i started recoring and playback the App im aiming to test and run it , it gives me an error message that stated "cannot navigate to the URL provided.


Second, I would like to ask , if i have mapped the web-elemnets for one test scenario and these elements i have mapped are mutual with other scenarios , do i need to map them everytime with different scenarios . Im aiming here to manimize mapping and object identification since there are continous change in business requiremnts for the AUT


Third, the recorder of Test Complete is capturing all activities i perform on the screen. Would be possible to customize that since im  interested to capturing the Https trafics only as of now .


Thoughts and suggestions will be much appreacited 


Thank you in advance 




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OK... three questions in one topic.... for future reference, so we can more easily track solutions and such, it would be better to limit one question per topic.  So...

1) Based upon your screenshot, it looks like there is a dynamic value of some sort in the URL after the SSO sub-folder.  If this is the case, then subsequent runs of your automation will fail as that value will change from execution to execution.  You may need to find a different means of getting to that particular page rather than a direct navigation.  I'm assuming that it is probably the result of a re-direct from some other page... you might want to navigate to there first and then operate against the subsequent redirected pages.


2) NameMapping is project specific.  So, as long as you are running multiple scenarios within the same project, once something is mapped, it is mapped for all scenarios within that project.  You CAN share NameMapping between projects but I would only create a new project for a different application or major business need.  


3) That's what the recorder does.  TestComplete is primarily a UI TestAutomation tool so when you record activity against the application, it records everything you do on the screen.  So, if, while you're recording, you are performing OTHER functions other than what is strictly necessary for the testing scenario, they will get recorded as well.  While recording, you should limit your activity on your workstation to ONLY be that which is part of your test scenario.

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