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Can you change the data source used in a Data Driven Loop using a script?


Can you change the data source used in a Data Driven Loop using a script?

I'm wanting to change the datasource (Excel spreadsheet) used in a Data-Driven loop.  The scenario is, I have some tests which work fine, but I would like to feed different data into them from an Excel spreadsheet:  The most straightforward way seems to be to create a number of different spreadsheets and use a script to decide which spreadsheet to use depending on trequirements.

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Yes.  Question, though, is whether or you're doing Keyword testing or Script testing.  Script testing is easy... just make the excel file path in the ExcelDriver method  a variable and change the variable assignment.


For Keyword testing, not quite so easy.   What I would do is put the loop in script code and call the keyword test within the loop.

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Great, thanks for the reply.  I'm in  and out of meetingts at the moment, but will have a play as soon as I can. 


The current tests are KeyWord tests, and I'll look into calling the tests from a loop in a scrippted test.... I'm also wondering whether it might be worth simply converting the Keyword tests to script:  which might make it easier to change other aspects of the tests using scripts.

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