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Can TestComplete work with Clearcase in the dynamic view ?


Can TestComplete work with Clearcase in the dynamic view ?

Whenever I tried to open the project file already checkin the VOB. I  get the  error message like:" Folder: folder_name cannot be created."

 When the user works in a dynamic view in the Clearcase with TestComplete, the user  try to open a TestComplete project suite in network mode.  TestComplete creates a folder on the computer where the project suite resides,  which seems do not work in this situation. Is this means that the users can only use a snapshot view to  have TestComplete work with Clearcase?

  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jennifer,

TestComplete should not create a folder if you choose not to work in networked mode. So, when opening the project click 'No' in the dialog asking you whether you want to work with the project in networked mode.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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